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  • phosphoric acid
    It is used widely in palm oil processing, beverage industry, pharmacy chemicals, water treatment food additives.
    phosphoric acidphosphoric acidphosphoric acidphosphoric acid
  • Ferro Phosphorus
    It is mainly usde for special-type-iron as alloying agent and deoxidizer in metallurgy industry.
    Ferro Phosphorus
  • sodium tripolyphosphate
    STPP industrial Grade is a highly efficient detergent both for household and industrial purpose.
    sodium tripolyphosphatesodium tripolyphosphate
  • sodium hexametaphosphate
    SHMP industrial Grade is an important chemical material for industrial water treatment.
    sodium hexametaphosphatesodium hexametaphosphatesodium hexametaphosphate
  • Mono Sodium Phosphate
    Water Treatment
    Food additives for baked products
    Mono Sodium PhosphateMono Sodium Phosphate
  • Di Sodium Phosphate
    In the food industry including emulsifying agent, buffer,example include: processed cheeses, dairy products.
    Di Sodium Phosphate
  • Tri Sodium Phosphate
    It has uses in the food industry including emulsifying agent, buffer, example include: processed cheeses, dairy products
    Tri Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
    It is used as a baking powder, according to the different uses of fast, medium and slow.
    Sodium Acid PyrophosphateSodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Guizhou Sino-Phos Chemical Co.,Ltd

Guizhou SINO-PHOS Co.,Ltd founded in 2002, is an industrial and trade group integrating production and trade. We have factories in Qian'nan area of Guizhou province, headquarter is located in Guiyang. We now mainly produce all kinds of phosphoric acid product, including yellow phosphorus(12000MT/a),...more

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